Electric Bike

The Electric Bike we produce has an integrated frame with simple equipment and excellent quality. The 2000kg vibration test passed by it is carried out under the condition of 100kg load, and under such conditions, the vehicle body is intact, which effectively protects the safety of the vehicle. It is a new type of green tool used by modern people as a means of transportation and recreation. This product is based on the use of batteries as an auxiliary energy on the basis of ordinary bicycles, the installation of motors, controllers, batteries, brakes and other control components and display instrumentation system of mechatronics personal transport, it is very convenient to ride And can greatly improve the user's riding speed.
The controller used is the part that controls the speed of the motor and is the core of the electric system of the electric vehicle. It has undervoltage, current limiting or overcurrent protection. Among many professional electric bike manufacturers and suppliers in China, C-STAR is equipped with a productive factory. Welcome to buy or wholesale electric bike made in China from us.